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IDL International Distribution & Logistics, started 2006 by two experts in Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing Business.


IDL is a top ten South Texas logistics company. 




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the best 3PL Technology solution available!





As stated in our Mission Statement IDL has gone to the market and acquired the best 3PL Technology solution available.  With our WMS system (INFOR) ® , IDL can offer all fundamental warehouse and distribution functions as well as very complex and tailor-made solutions.  We know that no one customer’s needs are alike.  Here are some of our capabilities.



·        WMS 4000  has been designed to manage in a 3PL environment.  The application was designed from the ground up to manage multiple owners’ product within one facility, within the same application.  Ownership is one key data element that sets our  WM 4000 apart from the competition.  The inherent design of the application is to manage individual products within a customer account.  The unique combination of ownership and the product code (Item) create unique records within the application.  SSA WM 4000 provides the flexibility to manage individual customer accounts, and individual products within a customer account.


IDL transportation management system provides answers to logistics opportunities that go beyond just capacity. Our TMS helps your business:

  • Benchmark and source capacity with ease

  • Get your systems in sync with custom integration services

  • Clarify your data streams with business intelligence & accounting tools

  • Gain visibility into your supply chain with track & trace

  • Automate your carrier management

  • Communicate from one central dashboard




IDL has adequate systems in order to comply with the requirements of the mx authorities.


Mexico’s tax authority has established new reporting requirements for IMMEX companies that have been granted Value Added Tax (“VAT”) credit for temporary importations (“VAT certified”). Specifically, in January, 2015, IMMEX companies that have been VAT Certified for their temporary importations are required to report the open balance of their temporary importations up to December 31st, 2014 to the tax authority. Furthermore, going forward these companies are required to furnish the export status report of their goods temporarily imported in Mexico under the IMMEX program, monthly or once every other month, in order to allow Mexico Customs update the temporary importation’s open balance for each company. (“Annex 31 system”)  The new requirements create an urgent need for IMMEX companies in Mexico that have been VAT certified, to reconcile the difference between the physical inventory and the customs system (“Annex 24 system”) inventory.



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